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Coney Island Pins

Artwork by Erin Mathewson

Erin is a Brooklyn based artist who enjoys working in many different mediums. Her favorites are relief printmaking, pop-up paper engineering and digital drawing.

You can see her murals in Coney Island on W12th St at the boardwalk and is overjoyed and proud to have her work installed in the place that inspires her most.

Her artwork brings the nostalgia of old seaside amusement parks to life.

Follow Erin on Instagram @erinsetceteras 


Happy Happy Joy Joy

Artwork by Peter Jarvis

Pete has a wide range of artistic style that centers on his passion for creating doodles.  While dealing with mental health challenges, he quickly realized the psychological benefits he was getting from his doodling.  He continues to use his art to create colorful doodles to make others happy and to express all the things to be found in his subconscious mind.

Check out Pete on his Instagram account @doodlerpete

and on his website for access to his artwork, NFTs, coloring books and more!


Solar Panels

Artwork by 

Nic "Shugmonkey" Brennan

Nic "Shugmonkey" Brennan is a freelance illustrator from Cambridge, UK.  
His works can be seen on book and magazine covers, product packaging and more.

With a unique style and attention to detail, his art keeps you coming back for more!

Be sure to check out his website to see his beautiful digital portfolio and vast array of art work.


Big Eyes

Artwork by Albeniz Rodriguez

Albeniz Rodriguez is a digital artist born in Santo Domingo. His works are characterized by a modern and humorous style, using vivid and bright colors that express my outgoing and communicative personality.
"I love the art of caricature, and I love portraying people and animals, studying their characteristics to express their true essence, and making them able to give a smile, communicating with those who observe them."

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The Color of Sound

Artwork by Miriam Rosalky

Miriam Rosalky is a hobby photographer living on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. An avid traveller who found her way back to Sydney after many years abroad.

Her photography focuses on urban landscape, local history, architecture, culture, and music.  

Follow Miriam on Instagram @Sydneyrepat 

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Mixed Media Memories

Artwork by Hollis Brown Thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton produces artwork using different mediums from permanent marker to pigment transfer to create his works.  His focus on the nostalgic objects, the ever changing aspects of nature and imperfection make his art feel extra-special and relatable.

"I use older things to focus on the temporary nature of existence. It really is as simple as that. I like repeating patterns or a large collection of things to go after traditional ideas of the sublime in art, where the sheer number of things, like tiny pixels, imply a much larger scenario, such as infinity. It is the simple idea of stars in the sky at night. How many are there? It is uncountable. . . How many piles of Atari and VHS tapes are out there? You just don’t know."

Follow Hollis on Instagram @hollisbrownthornton

Visit his site to learn more here

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El Aguila Panaderia

Artwork by Andrea Ramirez "Mextica"

Andrea Ramirez “Mexica” is a community-taught artist born and raised in El Sereno and San Gabriel. Inspired by the papel amate artwork of Otomi and Nahua traditions and the brilliantly decorated carretas de Costa Rica she grew up with, Andrea paints the community, culture, and love that surrounds her. Her moniker Mextica honors her heritage - combining Mexicana and Tica (Costarricense) - and honors her late dad’s brilliance as he came up with the name.

Follow Andrea on Instagram @mextica

Visit her site to learn more here

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Office Tarot

Artwork by Michelle Cooke

Michelle Cooke is the founder and artist behind Quick Brown Fox Canada an art, illustration, and design brand. Michelle has an extensive portfolio available for licensing. Her designs are sold worldwide on Redbubble, Society6, and Spoonflower where you can find art prints, home decor items, tech accessories, fabric, wallpaper, apparel, and more!

Follow Michelle on Instagram @quickbrownfoxcanada

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