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Back at Home

Artwork by Morgan Jesse Lappin

Morgan Jesse Lappin, called “the master of contemporary collage art,” is a Brooklyn-based creator known for eye-popping collages that use nostalgic 1980s materials to comprise paper worlds with a sense of comedy and chaos. As the founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective (BCC), the first internationally-recognized assemblage of collage artists, Lappin has formed an indelible presence in the global art and music community’s.

Follow Morgan on Instagram @morgan_jesse_lappin


Adventure Road

Artwork by Tanja Burmeister

Tanja Burmeister is a full-time nomadic artist.  Tanja and her boyfriend, Lenny, have been living nomadically since 2012 and fully sustain themselves with their business. "My favourite way to express myself is through my illustrations, but I also like writing, photography, artsy diy projects, just to name a few."

Her art is full of color and shows her love of nature, freedom and adventure.

Follow Tanja on Instagram @tanjab.artistry

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Ramen Monsters

Artwork by Vincent Trinidad

Vincent Trinidad has works that are known the world over.  From having some of the best selling original T-shirt designs on the internet to having his Great Ramen Wave become an icon.  His unique and original style shows through in ever piece he creates.

"My fascination to anything Retro and Japonisme in art. Takes me to create illustrations that combines Japanese Pop Culture, Internet Puns or Memes and retro aesthetics from the 80's and 90's movement."

Follow Vincent on Instagram @vincenttrinidadart

Visit his site to see more of his work here

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Tarot My Fortune

Artwork by Vera Petruk

Vera Petruk is a photographer and graphic artist in love with vintage, esoteric and occult themes. "I believe in the power of the human mind, universe, justice and love."

She creates original artwork for tarot decks that can be purchased HERE

You can also follow Vera on Instagram @vera.petruk

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Black On Black

Artwork by Emmanuel Ignatius

My name is Emmanuel Ignatius , a digital artist, illustrator and creative director. I collage photography and illustrations in my visually dynamic artworks celebrating our people, the culture, the aesthetics and stories of the "black" community. My visual style is simultaneously minimalist and maximalist since I often layer bright textures and patterns over clean and simple backgrounds. I often feature photographs taken by African photographers of black artists, musicians, models and other creatives. My compositions celebrate 'black' beauty and aim to tell their untold stories and experiences by representing various hairstyles, traditional garments and natural features of my subjects.  

Follow Emmanuel on Instagram @_ignatius_arts

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Bee King

Artwork by Mari Corona

My name is Mari Corona, I'm a photographer & writer who Empowers, Motivates, and Inspires through images & words.I use these mediums as Art Healing Therapy tools for manifesting your Best life.I'm a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, lover of music and pizza!

Follow Mari on Instagram 

@visionssbymari     @livinginmommywood

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Reel Puzzling 

Artwork by Olka Kostenko

My name is Olka Kostenko. I'm a Ukraine-based graphic designer and Illustrator. During my creative life, I worked as a graphic designer, motion designer in a film company. I created prints for textiles, clothes, and accessories, made hand-painted clothes, creating coloring books for adults, website design, identity, packaging and typography, and many other types of creativity.     Now I am creating microstock vector cartoon doodle illustrations. I draw my detailed illustrations on paper. This is my meditation. I like a long drawing using a lot of details. Then I make them in vector format in several ways - from simple to very complex. I am inspired by everything that I see around! I get great pleasure when I see how my pictures come to life on things around the world.

Follow Olka on Instagram @balab0lka

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Blossom & Bones

Artwork by Natalia Maroz

Natalia is a freelance illustrator from Kiev, Ukraine.  Her work has been used in children's book, album covers, book covers and more.  She sells many products of her own on her Society6 page here.

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Artwork by Emma Jayne

I love being creative and playing around with sketches, which later, I develop on my computer. More recently, I have produced illustrations using Pro Create, which I combine with traditional media i.e. gouache. I would describe my style as whimsical, playful, colourful and bold, with hints of texture. I really love colour and enjoy creating different colour combinations.In my spare time, I continually search for new ideas and new inspiration; whether that would be in stationery, apparel, children’s books, to interiors, and even colour themes. I am also a Pinterest addict and before I used Pinterest, I used to keep boxes full of magazine clippings and marketing material.

Follow Emma Jayne on Instagram @emmajayne_designs

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